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Standard Horizon Matrix GX2000 VHF Brings Connectivity To A Whole New Level

January 24th, 2014


Need a fixed mount VHF radio that can do more? Look no further than the GX2000 Matrix from Standard Horizon. Connect your radio to a compatible external GPS and see a host of new functionality at your fingertips. The DCS Distress function can send an automatic distress signal for you complete with vessel ID and GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) so that you can be found fast. You can also receive and pinpoint GPS information from other vessels with which you are communicating.

GX2000 is a class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling) VHF which gives you an additional 70 digital channels with which to communicate. You can even receive DSC calls while you monitor traditional VHF channels

This unit features special noise reduction tech that will eliminate back ground noise from wind, weather and engines while transmitting. The special microphone includes a speaker for clean and clear communication.

Ther eis also a 30 watt amplifier on board for local public address on your boat and/or fog signalling. The advanced receiver cuts out reception from pagers and unwanted VHF noise, while preserving what you want to hear.

It also includes 10 NOAA weather channels what are pre programmed and easy to find. It will also automatically monitor the channels and give you beep when a storm is nearby.

The GX2000 is backed by an industry leading 3 year manufacturer warranty, proving it’s superior quality.